A productive day

Hey gorgeous peeps,

As you can see I have been busy today in amongst school drop off and pick up. I have almost finished this canvas as part of Emsy’s birthday surprise room make over. I used a mixture of paint (black) and Distress Inks. I found this great quote on Pinterest and hand drew the font as close as I could to the quotes’ font. The fox is free hand drawn as well. I have another canvas half finished using the same method. Except this time I drew a dream catcher and added feather stickers. Hopefully it will look good when I’m done.

I also made three curtains for under her bed. I did manage to stuff up one curtain, but I think I can salvage the material so not all is lost. I had to work in our kitchen and dinning area. As you can see, Pippa is keeping an eye on everything. If you look closely you can see the material that I’m using to make Emsy’s curtains with. I will do a before and after photos and post after the 11th August.

This is what my craft room looks like at the moment. Ugh so, so messy. I am in the middle of making things, sorting out rubbish, donations and the like. Some days I walk in and turn around and find something else to do. I have to be in the right mood for that space. I’m surprised Doug hasn’t cracked up about it yet.

Well lovely peeps I better get the ferals to bed. As we have a friend’s son coming over tomorrow and we are visiting the grandparents as well. Happy crafting.


One thought on “A productive day

  1. Well done Paula. A great canvas. Emma will love it. Imagine she is growing up so quickly. She’ll be a teenager before you know it! only a couple more years.


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