Time flies…….

Hey gorgeous peeps,

Lo and behold I’m back again. Not sure for how long this time😉. I’ve been trying to get this entry done since Sunday. But as per usual life kinda gets in the way.

So since I last posted, we’ve been to the USA and made it back. We had a fantastic time away. I even got to meet Arlene (she’s such a sweetheart) and her son. It was lovely that we could catch up. I must admit we where on the move nearly every day and that sort of got tiring after the first week and a half. I have a ton of photos which I’ve yet to go through, so when I get a little more time (snigger, snigger🤣) I hope to post them. Firstly I have to put some on usb for the girls school.

I have made a decision to do a reset on my life, now we are home. I am making an effort to get up really early to walk my dog each morning. I’m using my Kikki K planner, wall calandar and phone calandar to keep me organised. I even found my budgeting journal (in the crochet basket – where else woul it be?) and am using it. We really need to get our budget working again after our holiday. I’m using my cleaning guide as well and Friday night I will sit down and meal plan for the following week. This time of year always seems to get full on for me, how about you? So I need all the help I can get.

So as I said this time of year gets full on. Just this week alone I am taking Emsy to a dietician, Doug is taking his dad to two doctors appointments one day and then in for day surgery another. Then if we haven’t heard back from Centrelink about the carers allowance I need to ring up and then I have a meeting at the girls school about Celebration Night(s).

Term 4 at NCC means Celebration Night for Preps to grade 3. (Years 4 – 6’s get their own night.) Which means that myself and two of my besties pitch in and become prop makers, set designers, the wardrobe department and a whole lot of of other things. We end up spending as much time at school as our kids! Let’s hope they’re learning a lot more than us. We manage to have a great time and occasionally we con get other parents to help us.

One of my new goals is to blog on Sundays. I figure I should have caught up on everything else and I want to get into a routine of regular posting. So just bear with me while I try to get more organised.

Well lovely peeps I better go, Doug’s home and I need to clean the kitchen. See you next Sunday.


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