Messy life 

Hey gorgeous peeps, 

I know it’s been so long since I last posted anything. Life has a way of getting away from me. I thought that by installing WordPress on my phone it would encourage me to post more. I guess I just need to sit, take a breath and do this for me. At the moment I am sitting in the waiting room of my daughter’s psychologist. 

Today has been a busy but typical day. The girls school had Grandparents day today. Which meant I ended up waitress-ing & also directing traffic. How I manage to get involved I have no idea, but whoteva’😉.  

Now we are all home after looking  (unsuccessfully) for stress balls for my eldest girl. Ebay has what we want thankfully. Apparently fidget spinners and cubes aren’t cutting it anymore – who knew. 

This is a piece of art that I have done as a part of  Emsy’s b’day surprise. A few friends and I are going to do up Emsy’s room . As she needs a chill out zone, somewhere she can go when things get to much for her. We are combining her love of drawing with a relaxing space just for her. We are also planning a surprise party for her as well. Which could back fire, but hey let’s give it a go.

Well gorgeous peeps, I’m off to start dinner and fighting with the ferals over baths/showers. Wish me luck. 


One thought on “Messy life 

  1. I remember those days Paula when the kids seem to take over your life. Sometimes it’s hard to get some ME time and feel that you are a person in your own right. Not just someone’s Mum! Hang in there as it does eventually get better. Good luck with the room upgrade and the party. Love the piece of art work. Hugs


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