Back to school 2018

Hey gorgeous peeps,

So this last week has been busy with all things school related. We had F.A.D. (Family Administration Day), where we discovered who the ferals new teachers are, where the ferals classes are, who else was in their classes. Then I had the pleasure of writing the class names to both ferals books after covering them earlier in the week. All last minute stuff like making sure uniforms and shoes fitted properly where met with tantrums, mainly from the ferals. I must admit that I may have thrown a fit when the ferals started acting up. Ghuh kids! Wrangling snakes must be easier.

So being the “embarrassing” mum that I am, here is our first day of school for 2018. I think this is photo number 4, as eldest feral doesn’t want to go to school. I took a snap on my instax first and now have a grumpy feral and a happy feral snapshot 😆. With furry k-9 feral, photo bombing in the background.

After the ferals where at school feral hubby and I went to Centrelink to sort out some issues and learn how to use the app so we don’t have to go in every fortnight. Two and a half hours later, we had to go to Max Employment to resolve the issues that Centrelink couldn’t help with. Only to be handed a number to get in contact with their I.T. department. So that’s a job for tomorrow. I’m halfway to my goal of applying for 20 jobs a month. I have 13 days left. I’m praying that I can get employment soon, but have to believe that something will come along at the right time.

Well gorgeous peeps, I have two bathrooms to clean before picking the ferals up from school, so had better get started🙃. Have a great week.


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