Comanding space and a revamp

Hey gorgeous peeps,

I’m back today to share with you my brand new command centre and how I revamped my craft room.

When I lasted posted I hadn’t slept in 24 hours, since then I think I got 5 hours sleep. So an improvement I guess. But I haven’t been idle, oh no not I. While I was cruising around Pinterest at 3am, I came across command centres. So of course I YouTube’d them. This is what I have come up with so far, which led to revamping my craft area. (And putting away all the Christmas decorations properly)

I love the idea of a command centre. I was sort of doing this last year, but no where as well as this. So after watching a ton of videos, I dived right in. I emptied and cleaned the whiteboard/corkboard. Then I reglued the hangers on the back (it fell off the wall, late last school term) and added some kitty duct tape to the top and bottom. Because, hello kitty duct tape peeps! Kitty duct tape so pretty, mmm yummy. I then grabbed a fridge weekly pad that literally predates my ferals. Added washi, a Polaroid picture, stickers in the appropriate spots and all the upcoming details for next week. That’s how you turn ug-gly into pretty. I so can’t wait to use this sucker up. I stuck a pen in the holder so details can be added easily and quickly. Next to this I put my homemade shopping list holder and a couple of photos of the ferals as well as a quote. I also added magnets to the back of two cute little tins I brought from Lincraft last month, they will hold all the thumb tacks. I decided to add two chalkboard labels to the bottom of the whiteboard. On these I put a clip, one for each feral. I plan on putting forms to be signed ect on these. I really don’t want it to get cluttered again. I think that’s half the reason it fell. Next to the board is my prized Kikki K calandar. I loved using this last year as well as the colour coding. This year I’m planning on decorating each month, just before the next month. I’ve based it around photos. Polaroid photos, as they seem to be the only ones that get printed. I’ve also added a couple of pictures next to the calandar and am planning to add two more picures above this area. I dragged my empty “freebie” draws from the study and placed it below the calandar. On the top I have added pens, scissors etc, as well as a post-it note holder and more photos, nick nacks. I have spare stationary in the top draw. The next draw down, is where I am planning on keeping foders for each feral. So anything they bring home will go in them, leaving room up top for things that need to go back to the school. On the opposite wall I have a vision board where I’m planning to put special things from 2018.

Next up I attacked my craft area. Oh my, it’s taken me over 3 years to finally feel as though I have a great area in which to work and create. I got the ferals to help me move most of the books and toys to the study. I then started to fill the cube up with my craft supplies. Sorting as I go. Originally I was planning on putting the small desk in the garage, but have decided there’s enough room to leave it and use it as my sewing table for the time being. I sent one piece of furniture to the garage and those shelves are now holding all my Christmas decorations.

I tell you having no or little sleep can bring out the best in you as well as your in t-rex grawwwwww!!!!! 37°c temps don’t help either. Well I’d better feed the ferals or they’ll probably go verlosaraptor on me. Not sure what’s up with the dino quotes? Have a great weekend gorgeous peeps.

PS Sorry for the bad video, it’s my first🤔


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