Happy New Year

Hi gorgeous peeps,

I hope 2018 is shaping up to be a good year for you all. It’s started off busy, busy and expensive for me and seems to be continuing on for rest of January.

In the last week, I have updated my wall calandar, diary, phone, finacial planner and bullet journal. Plus started setting up Feral 1’s school diary. I’m hoping that Feral 1 will use her diary this year, so next year she will won’t be overwhelmed when she starts middle school. I figure she will need the comfort of knowing which subjects she has each day as well as what uniforms. The structure of routines, helps Feral 1 not stress as much.

Job wise Doug might have some employment. We should find out today maybe. I on the other hand still need to find someone to employ me. Last Friday we had our Centrelink phone interview, so they could tell us that we had an appointment with Max Employment on Monday. Seriously red tape is stuuuuupid! We rocked up to our appointment only to find Doug had dropped out of the system. Which meant he had to go to Centrelink to sort out the issue. Then Tuesday we both dropped out of the system. We couldn’t do anything about it as our garage door was being fixed. Fortunately Centrelink also phoned to find out if we where employed as we weren’t in their system again. Confusing much? We have to apply for five jobs a week and because I have been out of work for over 10 years I also have to go in to Max Employment twice a week. Once for job searches (I think) and for courses on how to get back to work.

Jobs are desperately needed at the moment, in our house. A few weeks ago I needed 4 new tyres, then I killed my Dyson vacuum cleaner, the garage door died, my car needs a service and the handbrake doesn’t work. Yup let’s hope my run of bad luck ends fairly soon.

Well after a night of no sleep (I wonder why?) the ferals are stirring and I have to get ready to take the car in for it’s service. So have a great day/night/week/month and year.


One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year Paula.. Things can only look up from here on in…. wishing you both luck finding jobs. My hubby as “retired” – resigned actually as he has 4 more years till he gets a pension! He’s taking the summer off and then is going to look for work. He has had enough of corporate work and is prepared to drive trucks or do manual work for the next little while. I have to keep working to support us! Luckily I have a government job which at the moment is safe! Next round of changes is planned for about 18 months away so we’ll see them. Good luck ❤


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