I bit the bullet and the journal won 😉

Hey gorgeous peeps,

Well as the title says I bit the bullet or probably more accurately I caught the journaling bug. I have had a love of all things stationary since my teen’s. I often refer to Officeworks and Kikki K as my porn shops. Last year I started using my small Kikki K planner again, plus a Kikki K calandar and loved the way it helped me to feel more organised. I also use my phone’s calandar a lot as well and tried hard to keep the three up to date. I did learn a valued lesson when my phone died and consequently missed a few appointments halfway through this year. So since then I have been trialling new ideas to help me stay motivated. I recently purchased a Lawn Fawn clear stamp set called Plan on it which I got from CraftOnline. It has alot of great icons that I will use to keep me organised. Plus the are small enough to use in both the calandar and planner.

Two of my other favourite places to hang (besides with my besties) are on Pinterest and You Tube. I have been looking for a more creative way to help me in my personal life. I really love the idea of smash books, but I found it doesn’t suit where I’m at in life. Maybe I can try it again in a few years. So of course I came across bullet journaling whilst looking for ideas to help organise and pretty up my planner. Some of those planners are drool-worthy. I got the idea to use it as a cross between a smash book and a smaller personal organiser. A place where I could track, draw, set goals and to do lists for around the house. Who knows maybe this time next year I will have found a way to combine them.

Recently I was in Officeworks and found a B6 Spiral PP Notebook for $2.99 which is a dot grid journal. I also brought two more Faber-Castell pens. I now own three black artist pens 199*** in B (brush tip I guess), M (medium tip I guess) and S (small tip I guess) as well as Light Colbat Turquoise 154*** in B. I am extremely happy with how my journal is taking place. I am enjoying the process of working out what is right for me. I have a lot of pages that aren’t what I expected and even more that are beyond my expectations. Things that could be classed as mistakes are no longer mistakes, they are an idea that didn’t pan out.

It’s really hard to explain, before we got Feral one’s correctly diagnosed as ASD “mistakes” for me (one’s I made) where enough to either put me off or I’d have to wait for the next month to start again. I wouldn’t have been able to start in the middle of the month, especially so close to the end of the year. There is also no way I would be able to cope with things not working. I have discovered so much about accepting myself through Feral one’s diagnose, it’s explained how I am, which has given me the tools to help her.

Well lovely peeps I better go – sorry for the long post.


One thought on “I bit the bullet and the journal won 😉

  1. Glad you have found something to help you be more organised Paula. With two kids you certainly need to be. I am NOT as organised as you. Merry Christmas.


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