A day in……

Hey gorgeous peeps,

Well Celebration Night madness has come and gone. It was a lot of hard work and the kids did an amazing job on the night. Everything is now packed away for another year. Feral 1 (aka Emsy) has her big night this Thursday coming. Thankfully they don’t do a play like the younger kids.

Today I spent most of my time in the kitchen. It started innocently enough with me making myself a cup of coffee. From there I ended up making pancakes, helping the girls make two lots of mini puddings, a meatloaf for tonight’s dinner, a family sized Sheppards pie, a lasagna and some homemade mango icy pops. I think our dishwasher is feeling overworked at the moment, but at least I can see the benches, sink and cook-top again. The girls’ puddings are still on the counter waiting for me to find room for them in the fridge. A juggling I go, *sigh* a mum’s work is never done. I was trying out a couple of new recipes today. The mango icy pops where a little tricky, only because I don’t have any icy pole moulds. I decided to use my cupcake trays, as they are silicone. It was easy to pop out the icy pops and put them into a zip lock bag. We had a new meatloaf tonight. It was a bacon wrapped meatloaf with a glaze. Everyone thought it was good, so it will be made again.

Feral 1 has been seeing a dietician. We have been struggling to get her to eat properly. So far I am really impressed with the way things are going. We don’t fight as much, she’s willing to try new stuff and is taking more of an interest in food in general. Some days are more challenging, but overall I feel she’s a lot happier and seems to have more energy. Now to get feral 2 to do the same.

On the plus side I get my bed back tonight – yay! Feral 2 wanted to sleep with her daddy last night and there was no way I was sleeping with the little monster. She may be small and we have a king size bed, but that kid knows how to take up a lot of room. It’s a kid thing I’m sure. When I woke this morning there was feral hubby, feral 2, furry feral and feline feral all in or on the bed. So glad I slept in the media room on the airbed. Because why would we pack up the airbed from the beginning of October? Let’s not rush these things, right?

Feral hubby still hasn’t got a job, but hopefully we both will have work soon. He’s been doing stuff around the house here and at his dad’s house. I think he’s realizing that jobs are harder to get at the moment. At least he’s keeping busy.

Well lovely peeps I better go and try to find room in ghe fridge for 80 odd puddings. Have a great week and happy crafting.


One thought on “A day in……

  1. WOW – busy Mum. I remember those pre-teen days. They can be picky eaters. Sounds like you are getting on top of it. Hoping you and Doug find some work soon. Must be stressful


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