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Meal planning

Hi gorgeous peeps,

I thought I would share my new meal planning folder with all of you. I did a ton of research on you tube on meal planners, before I decided to create my own. I was inspired to redo this planner, when I cleaned up my craft room. It’s amazing what lurks in there! I found an old ugly folder from 2014. I was using it as a budget/meal planner.

I brought a new 2 ring binder from my local Big W for $2.00, I also brought the kraft deviders for $1.00. I then popped into my local scrapbooking supplier Daisy Chain and brought a range of papers “Farmhouse Stew” by jillibean. I also brought some gorgeous aqua glitter washi. I covered the craft deviders with these gorgeous papers and used my glitter washi to reinforce the back of the deviders (I put a strip down the side where the holes are) as well as making banners to pretty up the front.

I then copied my meal planner sheets (I can’t remember where I got them sorry) before sitting down and planned out the next 2 months. I can’t stress enough how much I love not having to decide on what we eat each night. Plus it stops feral 1 and 2 asking what’s for dinner every night. My grocery bill isn’t as bad. I have been doing this for 3 weeks now. I’m using up stuff from my pantry and freezers, so it’s taking a little more time to do a shopping list. Every week I am trying to include a new recipe as well as making a double up meal, one to eat and one to freeze. Which I hope to add to so maybe one every couple of months I will have enough meals for a week. Gotta love that!

The next thing I’m planning on doing is to make a weekly planner with contact chalkboard for the fridge. I hope to post a picture if I get it done. That way everyone can see what’s for dinner at a glance.

Well gorgeous peeps have a great hump day and happy crafting.


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