The Ferals

Hey gorgeous peeps, 

Hope you are keeping cool wherever you are. It’s been so hot and humid here on the Sunshine Coast over the last few days. I wish it would rain and cool down. It’s supposed to be Autumn at the moment. I don’t think summer has finished with us yet. 

Just a quick update on John the F.I.L. he’s had a triple bypass and is as well as can be expected. I’m not sure when he’ll be able to come home. Fingers crossed it’s soon. 

The car had a faulty switch which was better than we hoped for. Considering that the mechanics thought it had something to do with the oil pressure in the engine. Hence the trip to the mechanics on a tow truck and five days in the shop. 

So now I thought I was all caught up on everything.  Well except for the few loads of washing I am about to start,thanks in part to my ferals aka Emsy and Bill. This is what happens when your girls “forget” they turned the taps on in the bath. As you can see it’s a corner tub so quite large. Well the water was out to the hall and we (I) caught it before Lilly’s  carpet got wet. Doug would have been a “tad” upset I’d guess.  I have no idea how I’m going to get this all dried as our dryer died about two weeks ago.  Did I mention that it’s trying hard to storm at the moment?  Yay ain’t life grand – not. Ah well at least the ferals keep life interesting. 

For those who aren’t in the know I have two girls.  Emma aka Emsy is 11 this year and Lilly aka Bill is 7 this year. Emsy has recently been diagnosed with ASD which has made a huge impact on the amount of help I get for her. All for the better, such a blessing. Lilly is called the “Little General” because she likes to organize people. She doesn’t get that from me (trying to look innocent) at all! 

Well peeps that mountain of washing is calling me. Take care and have a great day. 


One thought on “The Ferals

  1. What a few days! Hope the washing got dried. I bet it’s a relief to have Emsy diagnosed ASD, at least you know what to expect and what help you can get. Lilly sounds a real hoot. Can’t believe it’s almost 7 years since I visited you when she was just new born!


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