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An unusual week

Hey Gorgeous Peeps,


How’s the week been treating you?  I hope it’s better than mine.  On Tuesday my Father in Law was taken to hospital via ambulance.  Which is a great thing, because he apparently suffered a heart attack over the weekend.  He went to his G.P.  (who is a fantastic Doctor) as his blood pressure wasn’t that great.  John’s blood pressure was so high (and the chest pains from the weekend) his doctor told him he was going straight to hospital in an ambulance.  So John called us to let us know where/what was going on and I think he thought that he’d be home that afternoon so wanted his car at home.  John was trying to organise for me to pick him up whilst strapped to the gurney in the back of the ambulance.  Isn’t that just like a man ;p.  He was due to have a stint put in on Thursday? but because his arteries are so clogged they have decided to go ahead with open heart surgery.  Which means he has to go to Brisbane for that.  So tomorrow they are going to transport him to the hospital (not sure which one yet) in Brisbane and I guess they will slot him where they can.

So this morning Lilly and I made a card for John.  I grabbed the “manliest” papers I own at the moment   Kaisercraft 61/2″ Barber Shoppe pad.  We also used the coordinating stamp/die set Gentleman.  Lilly chose the papers, stamps and did the die-cutting and colouring in herself.  She also picked out the Hero Arts’ sentiment we used.  I let her stick everything down herself (except the background piece).  I think she did a really good job.  She also wrote in it herself.

Doug has taken the girls with him this morning.  Doug had to drop Emsy off at a party over Twin Waters way and then he and Lils’ where going to visit John in hospital before having to go pick Emsy up.  Then they were going to continue into Maroochydore to pick up some clothing for John before heading back to Nambour to pick up John’s partner Voiley (think Julie but with a V) before going back to see him.  Then they are heading home.


So of course my car decided to play up Tuesday afternoon.  The oil lamp light came on as I was going to pick up the girls.  Which meant we had an unscheduled stop in Kunda Park where Doug works, for him to double check the oil for me.  So Thursday morning the car was piggy backed to Maroochydore to find out what the issue was.  There was talk of the oil pressure not working in the engine so no driving to be safe.  Thank goodness for being a member of RACQ which allowed me to have a free tow.  Luckily for us it’s just a switch and not anything more serious.  So I’ve been with out wheels for the last three days.  Kinda like that, kinda don’t, if you know what I mean.  One of my gorgeous mums’ from school came to my rescue and brought  the ferals girls home for me in the afternoons while Doug was at work.  I’m seriously bummed at the moment as Dawn T is over from New Zealand and is only staying about 20 minutes from us and had today free. But I can’t go harrass visit her because of all the running around Doug has to do.  So I guess after our holiday to the USA I will have to badger Doug into going to New Zealand for a holiday.

Well peeps, I had better be going now.  I want to get ahead on some cards while the tribe is out.  Take care and have a great weekend.  Hugs Paula


One thought on “An unusual week

  1. I really was sorry I couldn’t get to see you either Paula. Peter and I were at the house while both kids went up to the Emundi markets – one earlier and then did a drive around…going to Twin Waters on their way back and the other lot going a bit later when bubs woke up. We walked over to Mooloolaba and watched some of the triathlon, having a swim there, lunch and then walked back for a swim at Alex Heads before walking up to the house. Lovely few days had by all. Definitely hope you can come see us sometime 🙂


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