Naughty kitty 🐺

Hey gorgeous peeps, 

Well I have had a few interesting days. Doug and I have been busy getting ready for our September trip. Doing passports, checking out Kennels, Catteries and getting bitten.  Oh wait, that last one wasn’t planned😣. While we were at the Cattery I decided to pick up a cat that was out  (belonging to the owner) to pat. Well the little brat decided after a minute it didn’t like that idea and tried to take a huge chunk out of my hand. 

The end result was a trip to the doctor, for a tetanus shot and antibiotics. I also have a follow-up with the doctor today. So now I have one sore shoulder and one really sore hand. 

Yes I am still planning on boarding Smudge at this Cattery as she’s been there before and I had no issues last time. 

Well gorgeous peeps I’d better go. 


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