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Rainbow shawl & Bluey

Hey gorgeous peeps,

Today I thought I would share my latest half done crochet project. I’m making Emsy a shawl. Using some gorgeous wool I brought the other week from Spotlight. I’m glad I got two balls as one isn’t quite enough. The wool I am using is Moda Vera Bouvardia 70% Acrylic 30% Wool. The colour is Sherbet. Because I am using a number 6mm or USJ10 crochet hook it is not taking very long to make this shawl.

As you can see I took this photo in my car, while waiting for Doug to hand in the number plates of his car Bluey at the Transport Department. Then we are of to RACQ to cancel the insurance.  Bluey decided to die last Friday afternoon while Doug was on his way to work. We were hoping the car would hold out till August, but I guess we’re asking for a miracle. So Doug will be hunting for a new second hand car.

Well peeps, Doug is back so I had better go now. Hugs to you all – Paula 💖


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